"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make."
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Pada laut kami bertemu, pada laut kami berpisah. Dipertemukan karena satu tujuan. Sampai jumpa lagi jika jalan hidup kembali berpotongan

Pada laut kami bertemu, pada laut kami berpisah. Dipertemukan karena satu tujuan. Sampai jumpa lagi jika jalan hidup kembali berpotongan

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everyone’s in love with you


everyone’s in love with you
so I pretend I’m not

I know that if I
climb into
the competition for
your arms
I will slip through

that I will
become another face
in a fawning

another promise
in a feast of promises

I have stretched
and strangled
my heart
cannot hold

so that one day
I may hold you

Pretending that i’m not

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"Trust your gut and off you go.
Be a proactive, not reactive."
Dhila Adha
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a wishlist

so welcoming June, my born month, i’d like to post a wishlist. just a reminder for myself that sometimes life is worth something you need. well maybe its just so childish for wanting somethings so bad but let me be not so serious this time. at least i know what i want now

a substitute for my galaxy tab 10’ + bb torch + lumia 710. i dont know why i should have 3 gadgets because they all are gifts and now i just want ONE and throw/ sell/ give them all. note 3/ galaxy 8’/ an xperia may sounds good. not too pricey one.

canon dslr at any series. i just in love for dslr after tried my-ex’s. now after we broke up, he took his canon back and i want it too. well, a mirrorless would be nicer actually.

a nice watch & a wallet. i’m still using my gift-from-ex watch & wallet. they are still in good condition, but i don’t have any idea why this watch always loose off from my wrist accidentally, like 4-5 times i have to check that it is still on my wrist. well if i lost it, it’s fine because somehow it reminds me of ….. past time memories. let’s not talk about it now. (oh well there are soooo a lot of things in my room i wanna change. to throw and burn them away, like i want to burn all my memories)

john green’s a fault in our stars

a mousepad with wrist cushion

an aviator. too bad my old aviator is stolen :( i need sunnies! anything oversized or square one is acceptable.

any tangible thing is never enough for human needs. i dont usually ask, so i write just for myself. haha.. except it all, i want to be happy, to make my parents and my sisters happy, to be always in God’s blessing, and to have someone i can share anything without asking more, have a strong and loyal heart, never cheat and never lie.

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bleu dew
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sea-scape instagram
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There’s a rhytm in rush these days.. / Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams/ But there is a truth and it’s on your side/ Dawn is coming open your eyes/ Look into the sun as a new days rise/ I’ll do whatever just to stay alive.

Stay alive, chin up, open your eyes, moving forward. Believe that Allah has bigger and better plan for you Re :)

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Best friend never leave me.

Ranny: “Cica kamuuuu perempuaaann paling tangguh yg prnh ani kenal. Semua pasti sulit. 7 tahun. Ani terus2an membayangkan seandainya ani di posisi Cica. Tp ga ada yg ga mgkn jika Allah sudah berkehendak. Sekejap rasa bisa dtg. Sekejap jg bisa hilang tanpa kesedihan yg mendalam. Semoga Allah selalu bersama Cica. Menjaga hati Cica dalam kondisi apapun. Semoga semua terasa mudah kedepannya. Peluuukkkk eraaatttt dr Pekanbaruuuuuu..”

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